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How can I start earning money in the system?

In order to begin earning money you should register in the system, log in your administrative panel, add a domain, receive a code of an advertising block and place it on your site.

How many visitors should the site have in order to be admitted into the system?

No fewer than 500 (1000 for the sites that use free hosting) unique visitors a day.

How and when are the payments made?

The payments are made automatically twice a month (usually on the 15th and on the last day of the month) by electronic payment system WebMoney. The payment is possible if you have no less than 200 ₴ (or $20) on your balance. Note, that all webmaster's sites must be in the system at least 5 days at the day of payment.

Can I change the wallet?

Can I receive my payment before the appointed time?

Yes, you can, but for every pre-term payment the fee of 100 UAH is withdrawn from your account regardless of the amount of the payment.

How much do I receive for every click?

You should receive no less than 0.3 UAH for every click. This amount strongly depends on the geography and quality of your traffic.

I want my earnings was shown in US dollars. Possible?

Yes, of course. If you registered in our system after 06.04.2015 or after this date you have already been paid, you can convert the currency to dollars in account settings. Otherwise You need to score minimum balance for payout (200 грн.), after this change of currency will be available. Please note that the reverse transition from dollars to hryvnia will be impossible.

What is the Noplace block?

It's a new format, doesn't take advertising space on the site. It is shows in specified interval. Characterized by high CTR and CPM rates compared to standard blocks.

Can you pass AdBlock?

Yes. At the moment we have the opportunity to pass Adblock.

for adverts

What is the price of one click in your system?

The price can vary depending on the index of interest in your advertisement and the geography of its demonstration. For more detailed information, please, contact our support service.

What is the geography of your visitors?

The main sources of traffic are located in Russian Internet, but our geography is not restricted to it. Every advertiser can set the geography of advertisement delivery himself.

How can I pay for the advertising campaign?

You can pay by electronic payment system WebMoney or by bank transfer (please, find out about the availability of the latter on the territory of your country).

How long does it take to approve the advertisement?

Teaser moderation works on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00. The average teasers moderation can take up to 2 hours.

Who can I contact if I need help with the advertising campaign?

Our technical support service will be glad to answer all your questions on working days from 9 am till 18 pm.

I have added an advertisement. Why has it been declined?

The reason for the decline is always specified in the comments. Most probably, your advertisement violates one or more of our rules.